17 Dresses That Can Perfectly Camouflage Back Fat

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Ah, the dreaded back fat. No matter how you prepare, how much you exercise, what you eat, you might still find yourself dealing with this unfortunate issue. You look hot either way, don’t get us wrong. But if back fat shakes your confidence, you should of course figure out a way to make it disappear so you can rock that bangin’ body the way you were meant to! No shame in your game, girl!

That’s why we’ve gone to the trouble of tracking down some fun summer outfits with design aspects that can help you hide what you don’t want others to see. Each pick works to camouflage back fat so you can feel gorgeous strutting your stuff, whether it’s down the sidewalk or at the mall – or even a vacation! Check out our picks below and see if you can find a new fave.

17 Dresses That Can Perfectly Camouflage Back Fat

1. For Shirr: Try on this sundress that’ll make all your insecurities about your back melt away  – just $50!

2. Angelic Vision: Rock this white look with a stretchy bodice that won’t hug your curves too closely while giving you a great silhouette – just $48!

3. Puffy Sleeves: In this dress, everyone will be looking at your flower print and sleeves – just $49!

4. Cocktail Party: This funky cocktail dress has a smocked back and gorgeous relief color stitching to draw attention to those things instead – just $40!

5. Laid Back: Try on this V-neck dress that looks like a chilled out T-shirt with a tiered skirt – just $34!

6. Fab Flowers: Your problem areas won’t be on anyone’s mind with this attention-grabbing flowering dress – just $36!

7. Fluttershy: Strategically placed ruffle sleeves will ensure all eyes are on your dress’s unique design – just $31!

8. Delicate and Delightful: This dress’s gauzy, flowy fabric is the perfect way to hide areas you don’t want others to see – just $47!

9. Spaghetti Stripes: The smocked back and stripes go a long way toward keeping your back from view – just $27!

10. Over It All: Try on these slouchy overalls for a loose fit that covers everything you don’t want seen – just $20!

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11. Fun Florals: Don this stretchy dress for a nice silhouette that doesn’t cling to you – just $33!

12. No Sleeves: You can rely on this shirred tank dress to cover up where it counts while making you look great – just $33!

13. Smocked Up: Slip into this pink smocked dress with buttons on the bodice for a fun look that can keep things out of sight – just $31!

14. Cold Shoulder: This dress’s collar doesn’t dip too far down below your back to be a problem, so it accentuates your curves – just $20!

15. Tied and Puffed: This puff sleeve tie back dress is the perfect option for anyone looking to disguise any potential silhouette issues – just $39!

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16. High Neck: Since this neck has a collar that goes around your neck, your back won’t even be a concern – just $50!

17. Showing Some Cleavage: Redirect the view to your front by showing off your chest in this low-cut dress – just $33!

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