3 Ways Founders Can Connect With Their Customers to Drive Sales

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In today’s market, the bond between founders and customers is more than a transaction; it’s the cornerstone of sustainable growth and brand loyalty. Modern consumers want authenticity more than ever. They find it difficult to connect with faceless entities and want to follow people rather than businesses.

This shift towards personal connection in marketing stems from a saturated market where consumers are bombarded with choices and advertisements daily. Personal stories and authentic interactions cut through the noise in this crowded space, creating a memorable impression. Consumers crave realness and transparency at a time when these qualities are scarce in the world of business.

So, how do you go about deepening your connection with your target audience? Here are three strategies that can turn your customer interactions into a powerful engine for sales growth.

1. Personalize your approach with behind-the-scenes storytelling

It’s one thing to sell a product. It’s another to tell a story and share fascinating details that resonate.

Imagine a founder sharing their journey, the highs and lows, through a series of behind-the-scenes content. This narrative isn’t about humanizing the brand; it’s about creating a shared experience. When customers see the sweat and tears behind a product, they’re not just buying an item; they’re investing in a piece of your process and founder’s story.

So, how do you start?

Weekly emails or social media posts that peel back the curtain on your process make customers feel like they’re part of your journey. To do this effectively, begin by mapping out key milestones in your company’s history or product development process. For each milestone, identify a story or challenge you faced and how you overcame it. These stories form the basis of your content.

Next, use visuals like photos, videos, or even simple sketches to bring these stories to life. Visual content not only increases engagement but also helps to humanize your brand further.

In your communication, be transparent about the obstacles you’ve encountered and how you’ve addressed them. This transparency fosters trust and relatability. Moreover, invite your audience to contribute their thoughts or similar experiences through comments or direct messages, turning your storytelling into a two-way conversation.

Publicly tell people the “why” behind your products, services, and company by integrating customer testimonials or user-generated content that aligns with your narrative. This validates your claims and amplifies your community’s voice, making your brand’s story part of their own stories.

Like successful pitch decks showcase the story behind your brand, so should your content marketing and advertisements. Bringing the “real” to your business breeds authenticity, and that authentic connection will drive your business’s growth. Remember, the goal is to broadcast and engage in meaningful conversations that build long-term relationships.

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2. Leverage technology for personal connections

AI tools are booming, so personal connection using automation seems like an oxymoron. Yet, technology can be the very tool that brings you closer to your ICP.

Consider implementing AI chatbots that do more than answer queries. Work with tools, consultants, and language model professionals to custom-tailor AI to chat with your customers.

Implement these chatbots on your company website and train them to initiate conversations based on customer behavior. Offer personalized recommendations or even simply check in with website visitors. Sometimes, a simple “How are things going?” goes a long way, and this part of your customer experience can be automated.

This approach won’t replace human interaction, of course, but it will enhance it by making your brand present and proactive in your customer’s lives.

The key? Ensure these AI communications feel personal and specific, not just like another automated message in their inbox or as a popup. This takes a bit more effort to implement, but the investment is worth it for the long-term growth of your brand and business.

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3. Create exclusive communities

Imagine a space where your customers can gather to discuss your product and share their stories, challenges and triumphs.

There’s a particular company on the rise called Skool, which enables businesses and personal brands alike to do just this. Other great platform choices, such as Circle, Mighty Networks or Kajabi, enable seamless community building. These platforms allow you to make posts and help your customers, but they also give users the flexibility to post and communicate with each other.

An exclusive community for customer discussion could take many other forms as well: a Facebook group, a Slack channel or a dedicated forum on your website.

The goal for your community is to foster a sense of belonging and mutual support, turning your customer base into a tight-knit community. Offer insider access, sneak peeks, and the opportunity for feedback. The more valued and listened that customers feel, the more likely they are to advocate for your brand organically.

Over the long term, these communities become a word-of-mouth marketing machine.

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