A Sunny Outlook: The Best Sunglasses for Spring

The other day, I was talking to Chris about what I’ve learned about sunglasses over the years. I have a prominent nose with a hump, and I was today years old when I realized that I don’t like my glasses to fit above the hump on my nose. So a low-bridge fit is best for me. I also look for 52 mm width or wider frames because I have larger features on my face. On the tinted lenses side, I’ve almost always gone for black — or a little bit of a mirrored black is nice.

Chris Loves Julia | Julia in sunglasses on her front stairs

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I really think sunglasses are a fun way to try a new trend. Amazon has so many lookalikes where you can try a fashion trend for like $10. Buuuuuuut….there is a difference between expensive sunglasses and cheap sunglasses. Chris recently got LASIK surgery and invested in some higher quality ones. I put them on and let me tell you, the clarity is real. I’m still squinting a little bit in mine, but for the money, I’m a fan!

The best part about shades is that there are a million to choose from, so you can always find the right one for you! So below, I’m sharing my sunglasses guide in a variety of price points.

Which sunglasses are you eyeing this season?

  1. Madewell | Russell Oval Sunglasses $75
  2. J. Crew | Cabana Oversized Sunglasses $39
  3. Devon Windsor | Lisbon Sunglasses $99
  4. Madewell | Fest Aviator Sunglasses $65
  5. Amazon | Vintage Oversized Square Cat Eye Sunglasses $16
  6. Anine Bing | Levi Sunglasses $200
  7. J Crew | Beachfront Sunglasses $46
  8. Le Specs | Trampler Sunglasses $52
  9. Le Specs | Air Heart Sunglasses $75

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