A True Bargain In The Age Of Seven Dollar Lattes

You know what costs over $7 at Starbucks these days? A trendy oat milk latte. Not exactly the cheapest way to get your daily caffeine fix.

But here’s an even better deal for budget-conscious progressives – a Crooks and Liars subscription for just $6.99 a month!

For nearly 20 years, Crooks and Liars has delivered the most scathing political commentary, multimedia takedowns, and hilarious mockery of conservative absurdities anywhere on the web. This fiercely independent liberal platform is the go-to source for unvarnished truth-telling in an increasingly Orwellian media landscape.

Led by the inimitable John Amato, the Crooks and Liars team pulls no punches in dismantling right-wing disinformation, skewering bad-faith partisan hacks, and exposing the hypocrisies of the far-right fringe. No billionaire backers or corporate interests here – just grassroots support sustaining the resistance.

When you subscribe for less than the cost of a mediocre Starbs latte, you get an ad-free experience across the entire Crooks and Liars site. That means uninterrupted access to all the scathing commentary, multimedia content, and essential stories that never see the light of day in the mainstream media. Without annoying corporate ads disrupting your reading!

In an era where Republican extremists are escalating attacks on women, LGBTQ rights, minority communities and the very foundation of democracy, it’s absolutely vital to bolster truly independent progressive media voices. Crooks and Liars has been battling right-wing lies and propaganda for decades – help them continue fighting for another 20 years.

So skip the overpriced latte today and subscribe to Crooks and Liars instead! For just $6.99 a month, you’re not only getting an ad-free dose of uncompromising liberal truth – you’re investing in the resistance against creeping authoritarianism and anti-democratic forces.
What a bargain!

Let your barista keep the change, and use those hard-earned dollars to support the fearless “crooks” working to protect our democracy and values. Join the fight today.


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