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Air Canada Inaugurates Multimodal Partnership with The Landline Company

Earlier this year, Air Canada announced a new multimodal partnership The Landline Company, which offers passengers in the Hamilton and Kitchener/Waterloo regions seamless access to Air Canada flights at Toronto Pearson (YYZ).

Through the pilot project, which is live as of May 1, 2024, Air Canada passengers can enjoy ground transportation to and from Toronto Pearson (YYZ) on a Canadian-built motorcoach operated by The Landline Company, connecting to or from an Air Canada flight on a single itinerary. 

Air Canada Launches Multimodal Partnership with The Landline Company

Air Canada has inaugurated a multimodal pilot project with The Landline Company, which provides motorcoach service to passengers between John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (YHM) and the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF) to Toronto Pearson (YYZ). 

The Canadian-built motorcoaches offer passengers fully accessible transportation with reclining leather seats, tray tables, power outlets, and complimentary Wi-Fi for the journey. Each motorcoach has 36 seats in a 2-1 configuration, as well as overhead bins for carry-on bags and an onboard lavatory.

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Air Canada is launching a multimodal partnership with The Landline Company

Through the partnership, passengers are able to book a single itinerary that combines the motorcoach transfer with a departing or arriving Air Canada flight at its hub at Toronto Pearson (YYZ). 

Landline operates six, non-stop round-trip  journeys daily from each of Hamilton (YHM) and Kitchener/Waterloo (YKF) airports, with the schedules for each as follows:

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Passengers departing from Hamilton or Kitchener/Waterloo will check in as per usual for their flight, and obtain boarding passes for all trip segments. 

Then, they’ll board an Air Canada-branded motorcoach, and their checked baggage will be loaded on their behalf. Upon arrival at Toronto Pearson (YYZ), passengers will proceed directly to security, and their baggage will be transferred onward to their connecting flight.

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For passengers arriving at Toronto Pearson (YYZ) and connecting to a motorcoach back to Hamilton or Kitchener/Waterloo, you’ll need to collect your baggage upon arrival and bring it to the designated Landline pickup location on the ground level of the airport for your connection.

Passengers will enjoy full itinerary protection in the event of any delays on the motorcoach service or with flights.

Plus, passengers will earn Aeroplan points on both the ground and air segments.

The pilot project began from Hamilton and Waterloo airports on May 1 2024, with the potential to be launched elsewhere in Canada in the future.

The multimodal service is now available for booking on Air Canada’s booking channels.

When booking, simply enter Hamilton (YHM) or Waterloo (YKF) as your departure/arrival point, and the search results will display  “Includes travel operated by The Landline Company” for the motorcoach connection.

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At this time, it’s not possible to redeem Aeroplan points for multimodal bookings.

Air Canada’s Newest Multimodal Venture

Air Canada’s pilot project with The Landline Company is its latest venture into multimodal bookings on a single itinerary.

Recently, the airline launched air-to-rail connections in Europe, which offer passengers a single ticket that has both air service and rail service in select countries.

This newest venture offers passengers who would otherwise have to drive and park at Toronto Pearson (YYZ) the option to leave their car at or closer to home, and enjoy a motorcoach service to Toronto Pearson (YYZ) instead.

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Furthermore, Air Canada doesn’t currently operate any flights from Hamilton (YHM) or Kitchener/Waterloo (YKF).

However, both airports offer non-stop flights to destinations in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean from Air Canada’s mainline and ultra-low-cost competitors.

This multimodal partnership is a unique way for Air Canada to offer passengers access to its global network with a seamless connection, without offering flights departing from either airport.


Air Canada has inaugurated its partnership with The Landline Company, providing motorcoach service between Hamilton (YHM) and Kitchener/Waterloo (YKF) airports and Toronto Pearson (YYZ).

Passengers can book the motorcoach transfer and air service on a single itinerary across Air Canada’s booking channels, for journeys beginning as of May 1, 2024. 

This pilot project is Air Canada’s latest venture into multimodal journeys, which may be launched at other Canadian airports in the future.

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