Apple Is Reportedly Saving the Most Anticipated Siri AI Upgrades For Next Year

Though Apple announced some sweeping AI changes to Siri at its WWDC event last month, it’s been unclear when these changes will reach iPhone screens. But a new report from Bloomberg chief correspondent Mark Gurman clarifies the timeline.

Gurman, who has an 86.5% accuracy rate on the Apple information he has leaked in the past, wrote in his Sunday Power On newsletter that though Apple Intelligence AI will come out this fall, the most important Siri updates will arrive next spring.

This includes Siri accessing and working with other Apple apps based on a simple command. For example, when asked, “Hey Siri, what’s my driver’s license number?” Siri will soon be able to go through the Photos app, find a picture of the license plate, and even be able to put the numbers in a web form.

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Another Siri upgrade on lock until next year is Siri understanding context, or being able to interpret what an iPhone user is looking at.

In the fall, Siri will still get supercharged with ChatGPT and get a design makeover, but the voice assistant will lack those key contextual features, according to Gurman.

The Siri update won’t be complete until developers beta test the features starting in January and Apple releases the upgrade publicly in the spring of 2025, per the same report.
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The Bloomberg report aligns with Apple’s public statements.

Apple noted in its June press release that Apple Intelligence will start rolling out this fall in beta, but “some features, software platforms, and additional languages will come over the course of the next year.” The fine print leaves room for certain features to debut later, after Apple Intelligence’s fall release.

Apple stepped into the AI game nearly two years after ChatGPT was launched but decided to take a more collaborative approach to AI development. Along with creating AI in-house, Apple also chose to integrate ChatGPT directly into its products and open up the doors for AI models from other competitors.

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AI could also prompt hundreds of millions of iPhone users with older models to upgrade this fall — Apple Intelligence only works on the newest iPhones.

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