Audience Laughs At LibsofTikTok Lady: She Can't Define 'Woke'

Chaya Raichik, a former Brooklyn real estate agent who is behind the hate-inciting LibsOfTikTok account, is against wokeness, which she claimed is being rammed down her hateful throat. So, she should know what wokeness is, amirite? During a speech alongside Republican Rep. Jim Banks at the Indiana Memorial Union at Indiana University in Bloomington, she was left dumbfounded when asked what wokeness is.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

During her speech, she ranted about “pornographic” books in schools and moved on to her hatred of everything “woke.

“It’s been in schools, it’s on college campuses, it- it’s in the workforce, it is in the streets, it’s when you go to the store,” she complained. “I mean, like, you can’t do anything in peace without this wokeness being shoved down your throat wherever you go!”

Some students started laughing.

“Um, do you have a question? Is something funny?” she asked, apparently not expecting people to find her over-the-top concerns funny.

“How do you define wokeness?” someone in the back asked.

Raichik tried to respond: “Wokeness is the destruction of normalicy [sic] and… And… Um… Uh…” More students started laughing.

“… of our lives,” she said, apparently thinking she was finishing a sentence.

That’s when Banks tried to save her and described wokeness as “anti-Americanism.”

“I’m sick and tired of being taught that America isn’t worth fighting and dying for, it’s a great country, it’s the greatest country in the history of the world,” Banks said.

Well, jinkies, on Tuesday, their hero Donald Trump said, “America is not a great country.” Go get him, Chaya! Trump sounds woke, according to Banks’s definition.

Some of the attendees inside the IMU held signs, including one that read, “Chaya is a stupid name. It means spinach tree. I’m calling you spinach tree from now on.”

I’ll call her dumbfuck. Wokeness is a word that was derived by Black Americans to “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination,” like when the police shoot another unarmed Black individual for no explainable reason. So, some of them would say, “Stay woke” so they won’t get shot. And it pisses me off that conservatives couldn’t even let the Black community have a word. It’s their word, Chaya Dumbfuck.

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