Ben Affleck's Roast for Tom Brady Gets Lackluster Response From Viewers

Ben Affleck Receives Lackluster Response to His Tom Brady Roast Another Piece of White Boy Humor

(L-R) Tom Brady and Ben Affleck.
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Tom Brady‘s roast delivered some memorable jokes, but some people are still trying to find the humor in Ben Affleck‘s speech.

During the live Netflix special on Sunday, May 5, Affleck, 51, got up on stage to poke fun at Brady 46, saying, “I’m just in time. This is pretty f—king ballsy of you.”

Affleck went on to take digs at fans of the New England Patriots who previously criticized Brady’s career. “You’re not fans. You’re a bitch,” he fired back before coming for coach Bill Belichick. “I got season tickets. You work for me, motherf—ker.”

Despite Affleck leaning into jokes about all things football, his delivery didn’t land as expected.

Tom Brady Roast

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Whether she tuned in or not, Gisele Bündchen won’t be able to escape The Roast of Tom Brady. Tom Brady‘s ex-wife was a main topic throughout the two-and-half-hour live Netflix special on Sunday, May 5, with host Kevin Hart kicking off the roast with jokes about Bündchen and her new boyfriend, jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente. […]

Host Kevin Hart referenced Affleck’s attempt at a roast, saying, “Another piece of white boy humor.” Comedian Jeff Ross also offered some feedback before delivering his own roast. “This is the first time I wish Netflix had commercials,” he quipped.

Viewers took to social media to share their reactions to Affleck’s humor.

“Ben Affleck going on an unhinged rant about fans on social media at the Tom Brady roast was not on my bingo card,” wrote one X user while another added, “I am straight up going to watch the Tom Brady roast because people cannot stop talking about how bad Ben Affleck was, and that’s a car crash I would like to see, because huh? Not everyone’s funny. Embrace what you’re good at, no?”

Meanwhile, another commenter chose Affleck as the weakest of all the guests. (The special featured appearances from Peyton Manning, Rob Gronkowski, Kim Kardashian and Nikki Glaser as well.)

“Ben Affleck had the worst set of the entire Tom Brady roast, never invite him back,” the user wrote.

Not everyone, however, was unhappy with Affleck’s involvement.

Another fan highlighted Affleck’s words about social media trolls, writing, “This whole bit made zero sense for the Tom Brady roast, but this line is dead on for trolls… Ben Affleck: ‘Fans have your back. You guys out there talking s—t, all right, behind your f—king keyboard, that doesn’t make you a fan, that makes you a Bitch.’ He’s not wrong.”

There was a viewer who also questioned whether Affleck was too influenced by his friendship with Brady, adding, “Ben Affleck would never roast his boo Tom Brady lol. So obviously he’s gonna go off on a rant like the Bostonian man he is 😆.”

The Roast of Tom Brady is now streaming on Netflix.

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