Biden Assigns A Nickname To Trump, Ex-POTUS Is Going To Hate It

Former President Donald Trump has assigned nicknames to his opponents. Joe Biden is Crooked Joe Biden after the former President retired it from Hillary Clinton. Richard Blumenthal was Da Nang Dick. Elaine Chao is Coco Chow. You get the picture. Now, Trump is being assigned a nickname from Biden.

“In fact, only two presidents in American history had fewer jobs the day they left office than when they started,” Biden said. “One was President Hoover, and the other was Donald Hoover Trump.”

Fact check: True.

“Seriously, only two presidents in American history,” he continued. “And look, you may remember my predecessor promised to be the greatest job president in history.”

“Well, it didn’t really work out that way,” he added. “He lost 2 million jobs over the course of his presidency.”

Trump supporters like to bring up the fact that there was a pandemic. But Trump blew it when he bungled handling the coronavirus. He danced at superspreader events while Americans were dying.

And with a handy graphical representation.

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