Boebert Trying To Dupe Voters Into Thinking She’s Not A MAGA Nutjob

Politico has the deets on Rep. Lauren Boebert’s new act, developed after she won re-election by a hair in November. This new Boebert seems to lack a certain – um, authenticity.

Zipping across her mountainous Western Slope district, the stiletto-wearing MAGA darling discussed the economy and housing with the owners of a yurt manufacturing company, then huddled with local officials to talk about water shortages. Boebert, who criticized earmarks before the GOP took back the House — but now says she helped her party “fix” the controversial practice — told locals that congressionally directed spending could ease their water crisis.

Determined to head off another near-death electoral experience, Boebert has made a subtle, but unmistakable, shift in her strategy. She is surprisingly open about her parallel identities: the Washington firebrand when in D.C., and the bring-home-the-bacon pol in Colorado.

“I have these dual aspects of national and home,” Boebert told POLITICO as she sat outside the community center in this one-road town that runs parallel to the Colorado River.

She’s even trying to re-brand herself as a pragmatic, reach-across-the-aisle kind of gal:

On the recent swing through her district, Boebert tried to reassure constituents that she works well with Colorado’s two Democratic senators, Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper. In a statement, Hickenlooper said that Boebert “has not been a problem to work with,” even if he doesn’t approve of “all of her antics.” He noted, however, that none of their joint efforts have yet become law.

Memo to Boebert: Pragmatists don’t get kicked out of a theater for vaping, singing, recording, and “causing a disturbance” during the performance, asking the staff, “Do you know who I am?” and saying she will “be contacting the mayor.”

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