Break Your Dreams Free

Do you have goals, dreams, or ambitions you’ve kept hidden? Maybe it’s time to break them free.

Had you been walking by Henry Ford’s Detroit home one summer day in 1896, you might’ve thought he’d lost his mind. There he was, ax in hand, chopping away at the door frame and surrounding brick of his shed. What you actually would have been witnessing was history in the making. Ford had spent seven years building what he called a “Quadricycle.” Today, we call it a car. It was a two-seat carriage with four bicycle wheels and a gas engine he’d designed and built himself.

There was just one problem. After Ford fired up his invention for its maiden voyage, he discovered it was too big to fit through the building’s door. The shelter he’d used to protect his quadricycle had become a trap, holding it back. That’s when he grabbed his ax and started swinging.

It’s common for people to keep their dreams hidden. A hopeful musician refuses to let anyone hear his music. A would-be artist never shows her paintings. Ambitions are kept sheltered where no one can insult or criticize them. But like Ford’s makeshift garage, what was intended to protect eventually becomes a trap, holding them back.

When adversity comes, we can give up, or we can dig deep, challenge ourselves to be stronger, and move forward and face our challenges head on. Trust God to be with you, then step out. Break your dreams free and share them with the world.

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