C-Span MAGA Caller: Biden Will Wear An AI Mask During The Debate

On C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, a caller claimed that the real President Joe Biden would not be participating in tonight’s CNN debate; an AI mask will.

The lunatics are out in force.

SUSAN: So, it’s, I’m just waiting, I can’t, I’m excited about watching it tonight and I don’t even believe that it’ll be the real Joe Biden.

I think the technology is so great now, till they can make a mask and it can look just exactly like the person. And I believe that’s what’s going to happen.

HOST: Susan, former President Trump would be on stage with Joe Biden tonight. You’re saying if they used AI, wouldn’t he notice?

SUSAN: Would he notice? Yeah, I believe everybody’s going to notice if something is not right.

I mean, look at the State of the Union address. You could clearly tell that Biden was hyped up on something because I have watched Joe Biden when he’s had fundraisers and Joe Biden is not that kind of person.

Susan, open your medicine cabinet and make sure to take out your anti-psychotic meds.

The “self proclaimed” MAGA prophet I wrote earlier about, Hank Kunneman also claimed it would be a fake Biden wearing a mask during the debate and Trump needs to rip his face off.

This is the state of the Republican party.

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