Change What You’re Looking For

I’m reminded of a story about a hunter who owned an unusual bird dog. While other dogs barked, pointed, and fetched birds, this one walked on water. The hunter was so excited to show off his dog’s remarkable ability that he invited his friend on a hunting trip. Each time they shot a duck, the dog ran across the top of the water and fetched the bird.

For hours, the two men hunted. Yet, the friend never commented about the dog’s unusual ability. So, finally, the hunter asked, “What do you think of my dog?” His friend replied, “It seems he can’t swim.”

You and I experience a similar phenomenon every day. We see what we want to see. Our upbringing, our education, and our past experiences shape how we perceive the world around us. While that kind of tunnel vision may deepen our convictions, it also blinds us to other, equally important factors.

Consider how you view your marriage, your children, or your career. If all you see is negativity, maybe negative is what you’re looking for. A better approach is to focus your mind and heart on things that are good, right, encouraging, and true. Look for the good in your marriage. Catch your children doing right instead of wrong. Appreciate the opportunities your job affords you instead of begrudging the ones it doesn’t.

Improving your life starts with you. Change what you see by changing what you’re looking for.

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