Claire McCaskill Isn't Taking Any Crap From David Ignatius

David Ignatius, Villager Emeritus, appeared on Morning Joe this week to plug his column about how Joe Biden is too old to run — but he should definitely dump Kamala Harris.

Claire McCaskill wasn’t having it.

“I’ve started a little exercise. Every time somebody says something negative to me about Kamala Harris, I go, well, what is it specifically about her you don’t like? What has she done that is so offensive to you? And you know, I get — nobody has an answer,” McCaskill said.

“So what is the answer to that?”

(I’m sure Claire already knows — “A vote for Biden is a vote for Kamala” — “Kamala” being right-wing code for Another Negro In The Oval Office.)

“So my answer is that the poll numbers show she’s a little bit more unpopular, roughly the same unpopularity as the president,” Ignatius said.

“My impression from talking to people in Washington, around the country, is that she has not been successful in the way that she would want in getting traction as vice president. The key question with somebody who’s as old as vice president — excuse me — President Biden will be is whether people see the vice president as a strong successor, so far I don’t think that she’s made that case to the country. If she’s going to make it, now is the time.”

I wonder if any of the “people” in Washington he talks to are not members of the Beltway class. I suspect not. I wonder if he understands that the Democratic base is Black women.

Here’s the Kamala Harris at Hampton University this week, her first stop on her college GOTV tour. What do you think? Do Democrats look enthusiastic? Or are these not the “right” Democrats who go to dinner parties with Joe Scarborough and David Ignatius?

And then there’s the old “just not THIS woman” routine:

Because Black women are interchangeable?

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