Cucumber Crunch Salad

If you’re in need of a side dish that comes together in about 10 minutes, this cucumber crunch salad is your dish. The flavor is on point and it always gets rave reviews. Plus it can be made and served in the same bowl making clean-up a breeze.

Chris Cooks | Cucumber Crunch Salad

Serving Bowl | Salad Server Set

This is a vegetable-forward dish with a lot of crunch factor — we’ve got cucumbers, radishes, and roasted chickpeas. I use an avocado as the base for the dressing – I call it nature’s mayonnaise (but with healthier fats). Then I layer in some bright lemon, honey, and a dairy-free Greek yogurt, and use my favorite whisk to smooth it out to a thick dressing. Fresh dill is one of my go-to herbs in the kitchen, so that goes in next. Dressing, done.

Then cucumber gets a rustic chop and is added to the bowl alongside some cherry tomatoes. Dice up some red onion and invite chopped radishes to the party. Radishes always make me think of my mom. She loves to garden. Growing up, springtime meant radishes, and I’d be sitting in the garden with a shaker of salt next to the garden hose. I still love radishes to this day.

Chris Cooks | Cucumber Crunch Salad

Serving Bowl | Salad Server Set | Kitchen Hardware

Lastly, I crush up some roasted chickpeas for added texture, fold it all together and there you go. Wasn’t that easy? This salad is so fresh for spring. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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