Elise Stefanik Bravely Protects Our Gas Stoves From President Biden

Republicans are good at doing nothing. They’ve been outraged for months since a Biden administration official suggested the Consumer Product Safety Commission could ban gas stoves because they have been linked to childhood asthma. However, the Biden administration made it clear in January that our gas stoves are safe. But they chose to disregard that.

So, NY Rep. Elise Stefanik spoke to reporters about Debbie Lesko’s bill, the Hands-Off Our Home Appliances Act. Again, though, sneaky Joe Biden is not coming for our gas stoves, so the bill is meaningless.

“Republicans are continuing to lead and deliver for the American people, bringing legislation which protects America’s consumers’ rights, from their right to choose their home appliances to combating the SEC’s burdensome regulations on crypto,” Stefanik said.

“We are joined today by our colleague and friend, Debbie Lesko, to discuss her bill, the Hands-Off Our Home Appliances Act, which protects Americans from Joe Biden’s failed far-left anti-American energy agenda,” she added.

It’s been appliance week for five months now. Republicans just can’t govern. My gas stove is fine, you weirdo.

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