Eric Hovde Really Hates The Elderly

Mail order candidate and California banker Eric Hovde really doesn’t like the elderly. He already said that people in nursing homes are at death’s door and are in no condition to vote.

But now, it’s being reported that Hovde’s bank is being sued for elder abuse, neglect and wrongful death regarding a nursing home his bank owns:

In 2021, Sunwest Bank seized the property of a 68-bed assisted living facility in Claremont, Calif., after its owners failed to repay a $6 million loan. The next year, Betty Nottoli, a 94-year-old woman with dementia, moved into the renamed Claremont Hacienda, then owned in part by a newly created subsidiary of Sunwest.

According to a lawsuit filed by her daughter, Patricia Chiuppi, Ms. Nottoli had a series of falls that Ms. Chiuppi says were caused by neglect. Court documents assert that the staff of the facility failed to install pull cords, pendants, bed rails or a bed alarm even after a fall in March. Then, on the night of April 4, 2022, another fall broke Ms. Nottoli’s hip, “which ultimately led to her death on June 19, 2022,” court documents say.

When any politician gets into trouble, especially if it involves the courts, they usually just say they won’t comment on an ongoing legal matter. But Hovde’s campaign is so damn inept that it can’t even handle doing that much:

He also accused Ms. Flint [the family’s attorney] of being a “Democrat donor,” based on a single $5 donation in 2020 to ActBlue, which consolidates political donations to Democratic candidates.

Really, that’s their excuse. This woman died and Hovde’s bank is being sued because their attorney gave a whole five dollars to ActBlue, You can’t make that stuff up.

This should give anyone, but especially elderly voters, pause before voting for him. His disdain for the elderly is obvious and undeniable. What else might he do if he makes it to Congress? Join Ron Johnson and Rick Scott and others in trying to dismantle Social Security and Medicare? I wouldn’t be surprised, especially since he put it down in previous campaigns.

And just think, this joker is the best that the Wisconsin Republicans could come up with.

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