Eric Trump Whines He Can't Buy 'Skin Lotion' And Blames Biden

Eric Trump suggested President Joe Biden was at fault for difficulty buying skin lotion in New York City.

The son of former President Donald Trump made the remarks during a Sunday interview on Fox News with host Maria Bartiromo.

The younger Trump insisted his father was “feeling great” despite the criminal prosecutions he is fighting.

“His fundraising numbers are off the chart,” Trump opined. “The love out there is incredible.”

“It’s the exact reason that they’re trying to tie my father up in a courtroom every single day between now and [the election],” he continued. “They know that [Biden] doesn’t stand a chance. No one believes him.”

Trump pointed to “failing” New York City to make his point.

“They’re going after a guy for $130,000 payment,” he said of the prosecution of his father. “Every day, they close the courtroom. You know, they close the streets around the court. It costs 20 times that. Every time they shut down the FDR drive, it costs 50 times that. No one believes it.”

“All while in New York, you can’t go into Duane Reade,” Trump added. “You can’t go into CVS and buy skin lotion because it has to be locked behind Plexiglas because theft is so high.”

The former president’s son implied Biden was behind his skincare troubles.

“The country does not believe it,” Trump observed. “But this guy’s not going to make it. He can’t.”

“He can’t get down a pair of stairs,” he said. “He can’t finish a sentence. He can’t read off a teleprompter without some kind of gaffe.”

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