Fans Can't Get Over 'Insane' Menu Prices at Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix: 'Missing a Decimal Somewhere'

The Formula 1 Grand Prix took over Miami, Florida this weekend as fans, spectators, and celebrities watched the cars race at the Miami International Autodrome and dabble in the social scene near the Hard Rock Stadium.

One of the most coveted tickets for the weekend was an entry to the Hard Rock Beach Club, where a three-day pass cost $1,750 and promised “top-notch trackside entertainment” alongside an extensive food and beverage menu. And while that entrance fee may be pocket change for billionaire attendees such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, the menu prices were brow-raising.

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Photos of the exorbitantly priced menu have been making their way around social media, including a $280 lobster roll, a $190 order of chicken wings, and a $180 plate of nachos.

The food prices at the Hard Rock Beach Club
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“Even if I were filthy rich this would offend me,” one Reddit user wrote. “This is comically ridiculous.”

Attendees could also add caviar to any menu item for $400.

“As one of the most iconic hospitality spaces at Miami International Autodrome, Hard Rock Beach Club is located on the outside of Turns 11-13 on the track and is the place where South Beach meets Formula 1,” a press release for the beach club said. “Exclusively available to Hard Rock Beach Club ticket holders, this luxury space features cabana-style seating, signature pools, bars, and all-day cuisine.”

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Some commenters on social media said that the prices were for groups of four to six people, and not one individual serving size, though the menu did not specify what the serving size was per order.

The menu prices are the opposite of the inflation-free fare at the Masters, where fans can indulge in $1.50 sandwiches and $2 soft drinks.

The Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix concluded on Sunday with Lando Norris taking home his first career win, beating out early favorite Max Verstappen by mere seconds.

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