Federal Judge Denies Mark Meadows' Request For An Emergency Stay

Mark Meadows attempt to delay his state trial has been thwarted after a federal judge denied a request for a stay.

Read the order here.

CNN reports that US District Judge Steve Jones rejected a request outright, meaning the state level trial can proceed while Meadows’ appeals the decision of the Judge to refuse to move the case to federal court.

The order stated that “Meadows’s contentions that he would be irreparably harmed by the possibility of facing trial next month are insufficient to carry his burden on the emergency stay requested. No trial date has been set for Meadows, and he admits that it is not guaranteed his trial will be in October.”

The next move for Meadows is the try to get the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals to consider his appeal. He can also seek an emergency order from the same 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals to pause the ruling.

Might be time to try to work out a deal, Mark.

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