Felon45 Delivers Unhinged 'Airports' Rant. Here's Why That's Bad For Biden!

Raving lunatic Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail in Florida on Tuesday night after kicking back for a couple of weeks just a few months before the election. But he didn’t have to go far since it was held at his golf club in Doral in front of several hundred supporters, who were somewhat enthusiastic in their support behind the adjudicated rapist’s tirades against his perceived enemies as he once again aired his grievances during his 75-minute rambling speech. Trump took aim at drug overdoses in a rant that made very little sense before suddenly delivering a fact-free rant about airports.

Trump’s rant, as happens at many of his rallies, was done with Q-type music playing in the background as if he has his supporters in a hypnotic state. I’m sure the New York Times will report how that lunatic’s rant is bad for Biden.

“We will institute the powerful death penalty for drug dealers, where each dealer is responsible for the death during their lives of 500 people or more,” Trump said. “Mothers will never again be forced to watch their children overdosing in hospital.”

“And we will never allow mothers to watch their child hopelessly dying in their arms, screaming, What can I do?” he said. “What can I do? “Help me, God, what can I do?”

The felon suddenly went from drug overdoses and mothers to airports in mid-rant.

“We are a nation whose once revered airports are a dirty, crowded mess,” he added. “You sit and wait for hours and then are notified that the plane won’t leave, that they have no idea when they will, where ticket prices have tripled, they don’t have the pilots to fly the planes, they don’t see qualified air traffic controllers, and they just don’t know what the hell they’re doing.”

Trump, who owns a private airplane, now considers himself an expert on airport operations, pilots, and ticket prices. Politics is mentally exhausting these days. I get it, but imagine if President Biden spoke in that manner. The headlines calling him unfit would be splattered across the New York Times and The Washington Post every day for a month. CNN and MSNBC would harp on it 24/7. What’s happening here is that the Beltway media has dismissed the fact that we nominated Biden. They want to pick the winner of the 2024 election for clicks and airtime. That’s not how this is supposed to work.

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