Five Things Media Pundits Can Report On Besides Biden's Age

The media pundits rant about President Biden’s age and replacing Biden on the Democratic ticket. There are alarming stories that are very important for our country the pundits could be talking about, but they are all too busy.

In the video below, Professor Allan Lichtman calls out the media as part of the Trump problem. Lichtman roasted the CNN pundits and their peers for being “complicit” by helping Trump lie to the American people. We couldn’t agree more and we came up with few of the news stories the media could be reporting instead of bashing President Biden.

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts Threatens Violence
Roberts said America “in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be.” Might be important to mention?

Epstein Document Drop Includes Trump Sexual Assault of Child
Some of the court documents detail the rape of a 13-year-old girl by Trump and Epstein. The Republican nominee for president said the girl “reminded him of his daughter.” Maybe the busy pundits could take a break from their Biden obsession to look into this situation?

Supreme Court gives Trump Immunity and Power of a King
The Supreme Court decision goes against the U.S. Constitution and gives Trump unlimited powers…but Biden IS old.

RFK Jr. Refused to Deny Sexually Assaulting Babysitter
The presidential candidate said he’s not a “church boy.”

Maddow Interview with Stormy Daniels
Rachel Maddow’s interview of Stormy Daniels, how Trump’s attorneys doxxed her. Trump is trying to ruin her life.

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