'Folks Need Killing': MAGA Gubernatorial Candidate Calls For Violence

GOP nominee for Governor in N.C. Mark Robinson has made a lot of hateful comments that should make him disqualified for any elected office, but this one tops that cake. It’s as if Republicans are trying to out-MAGA each other with incendiary remarks. And, of course, the calls for political violence are increasing — but only on the right.

Robinson is a staunch pro-lifer with a disdain for actual human life, and he’s steeped in self-inflicted problems right now, like failing to file taxes for five years. Additionally, Robinson and his wife were cited for numerous violations at the child care center that they operated from 2000 to 2007. That includes a charge that the center presented falsified certification documents to state inspectors.

But let’s move on to the murder-y part. It seems important.

Via The New Republic:

“Some folks need killing!” Robinson, the state’s lieutenant governor, shouted during a roughly half-hour-long speech in Lake Church in the tiny town of White Lake, in the southeast corner of the state. “It’s time for somebody to say it. It’s not a matter of vengeance. It’s not a matter of being mean or spiteful. It’s a matter of necessity!”

Robinson’s call for the “killing” of “some folks” came during an extended diatribe in which he attacked an extraordinary assortment of enemies. These ranged from “people who have evil intent” to “wicked people” to those doing things like “torturing and murdering and raping” to socialists and Communists. He also invoked those supposedly undermining America’s founding ideals and leftists allegedly persecuting conservatives by canceling them and doxxing them online.

In all this, Robinson appeared to endorse lethal violence against these unnamed enemies, particularly on the left, though he wasn’t exactly clear on which “folks” are the ones who “need killing.”

That sounds like a personal problem to me. I used to facilitate anger management groups for newly released ex-convicts, and if that raging ball of angry MAGA had walked it, I would have thrown my arms in the air and quit. MAGA/Trumpism is the only thing that needs killing at the polls. Put it down in November.

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