Fox Host Comes Up With New Lie: COVID Intentionally Sent To U.S.

Fox hosts are well known for their affinity for conspiracy theories. Just look at all the trouble they got themselves into because of The Big Lie. And the entire span of the COVID pandemic as been nothing but one conspiracy theory after another. COVID was a hoax. COVID was only a bad cold. The vacccines are worse than the virus.

Now, Maria Bartiromo is thinking outside of the conspiracy box by mixing some of her favorite conspiracies into a new blend of crazy all her own:

Is there a chance that China released this virus on America intentionally? Disrupt the country, get Donald Trump out, get your man in there, Joe Biden, and then cover it up.

Oh sure, let’s just blow off the nearly 7 million dead worldwide from the virus. They’re just collateral damage to get TFG out, like he wasn’t doing a good enough job of it himself.

Her guest, Representative Ben Wenstrup (Q-OH) wasn’t much better, trying to portray TFG as a harmless rube who got played by China. Not quite the fearless leader image TFG was looking for.

I’m sure Fox, like most employers, enjoy having employees who think outside of the box. But they keep end up getting people that do their thinking inside a box of wine.

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