Fox Keeps Admitting Trump Committed A Crime In New York

Here we go again with yet another lawyer on Fox, conflating Trump’s bond to appeal his civil fraud case in New York with criminals such as Bernie Madoff and Sam Bankman-Fried posting bond in for criminal cases. We saw “judge” Jeanine Pirro do the same thing a week or two ago, and now it’s Kayleigh McEnany’s turn on this Tuesday’s Outnumbered.

Here’s McEnany with today’s pout-rage over the fact that someone’s finally holding Trump accountable for his years and years of shady business dealings in New York.

MCENANY: Yeah, so, he paid $175 million in bail, and I want to underscore a point Rebeccah Heinrichs made on our couch last week, because I just think it says everything you need to know that the American public sees, and it’s when you look at previous bonds that have been posted, you see Bernie Madoff at $10 million.

Okay, so like largest Ponzi scheme ever or at least among them, $10 million, but oh wait we’ll give Trump somewhere north of $400 million, that was the initial ruling.

Then you go over to Sam Bankman-Fried, $250 million bail, and his prosecutors argued, or his defense attorneys argued that that was the largest ever pre-trial bond.

But then we get to Donald Trump. Victimless crime. No one hurt. The banks are happy. $454 million reduced to $175 million.

I think it should have been zero. This case should never been brought up and you pay this and one of Trump’s contentions is, you’re forcing me to pay up before an appeal even happens.

So imagine someone who didn’t have that money. He did. He was able to put it forward, you put up you sell assets and then maybe it’s all overturned on appeal. I think that’s a big gripe.

As we’ve discussed here and as Jon Stewart explained this week, Trump’s crimes aren’t “victimless.”

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