Fox News’ Hannity Comes To Noem's Rescue Over Puppy Murder

Fox News’ Sean Hannity lobbed lots of softballs to South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem during her first on-air interview since the story about her shooting her 14-month-old dog broke, and even suggested that Joe Biden should have had Commander put down while helping her defend the indefensible.

Fox completely ignored the story about Noem’s memoir for days on end, even though it had already exploded everywhere else. Then Bill-O’s ex-stalker Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld attempted some lame humor and whataboutism to try to soften some of the criticism that was just lobbed at Noem from their cohost Jeanine Pirro.

Now we’ve got Hannity playing full blown apologist for Noem and playing the “both sides” game with Biden’s dog Commander who they had trouble with biting Secret Service agents. I guess the only good thing you could say about this interview is that Hannity wasn’t trying to insinuate that Commander was snorting Hunter’s cocaine.

Here’s how the interview started out:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Governor, you have responded. You responded on X on Sunday and you gave more explanation to this but you talk about this 14-month-old dog as untrainable. You describe it as a “trained assassin,” how the dog was killing chickens of a local neighbor and how the dog even went to bite you and I believe bit others as well.

Tell us in your words why it came to that decision. I mean, unfortunately dogs that are violent sometimes have to be put down but I guess people, because you shot the dog — is there a difference which way you put a dog down? I’m not really sure, but I don’t think people understood it. I want to give you a chance to explain.

GOVERNOR KRISTI NOEM (GUEST): Well, Sean, you know, how the fake news works. They leave out some or most of the facts of a story. They put the worst spin on it and that’s what’s happened in this case. I hope people really do buy this book and they find out the truth of this story because the truth of this story is that this was a working dog and it was not a puppy. It was a dog that was extremely dangerous. It had come to us from a family who found her way too aggressive. We were her second chance and she was — the day she was put down was a day that she massacred livestock that were a part of our neighbors, she attacked me and it was a hard decision.

And, as Mediaite reported, that was followed by Hannity doing more than hinting that Biden should have had Commander killed:

Hannity then brought up the case of Biden’s dog, who was moved out of the White House last year after he reportedly bit at least 24 people.

“You know, I was shocked when we learned that Joe Biden, and he has a German Shepherd, that when all is said and done, 24 Secret Service agents were bitten by a German Shepherd, by a big dog,” said Hannity:

Initially, we heard, okay, maybe one Secret Service agent, maybe three, and then at one point we read 24? In that particular case, if somebody is biting people in large numbers like that, it’s a sad thing to do but at some point doesn’t it become the responsible thing for the safety of others that you don’t allow a dog at least around anybody else? At the very least?

Noem received heavy backlash this week over her dog confession, including from several Fox News analysts who predicted that the controversy would mark the end of Noem’s political career.

Well, you’ve got at least one of them on there trying to revive it. Congratulations to Hannity for proving himself to be every bit as disgusting as Noem.

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