Fox News Lady Still Making Disturbing Hammer Jokes About Paul Pelosi

Pete Hegseth did try to bring this disgusting moment back to reality after Rachel Campos-Duffy made a hammer joke about Paul Pelosi, the former Speaker’s husband, who was the victim of a violent home invasion. On any other network, though, that would be worth being fired. But alas, this is the Fox News network where it’s OK if a Democrat is attacked. After all, the GOP nominee is a sociopath, and the Republican governor of South Dakota is a puppy killer.

“How about the guys that cleared out Columbia?” Hegseth said of the Medal of Freedom award recipients. “I’d like to add them, too.”

“Whatever you, I mean, but it’s probably more likely to go to Paul Pelosi, Susan Rice, and Gavin Newsom,” he continued. “So I think your list is correct, but a little off-brand for Big Joe. Uh, Rachel?”

“Well, maybe Paul Pelosi needs the hammer instead of the medal,” Campos-Duffy said of Pelosi, who suffered from a fractured skull.

“Well, it’s medal,” Hegseth quickly said. “Alright, Rachel? It’s medal. We wish him well. We wish him well as we wish you well.”

Just before that, Campos-Duffy read off a list of individuals she thought should get the award, and Kid Rock was included.

It’s as if Hegseth just realized that his co-worker is a knuckle-dragging missing link with a penchant for violence. There is no hope for Fox News when dragging the bottom of the barrel earns an individual an envious paycheck. I prefer to work here, though, where I don’t have to hang with the dregs of society who dress up in nice clothes to pass off as regular people.

Rick Wilson said it best:

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