Fox Panel Desperate To Put Happy Face On Fallout From Dobbs

The panel on Fox’s Special Report took some shots at Trump for going after DeSantis for signing his fetal heartbeat bill during an interview on Meet the Press, but they still got just about everything wrong when it comes to Trump’s stance on abortion and what it means for Republicans in the upcoming election.

Here’s more from CNN on some of the interview they were discussing:

Former President Donald Trump, who paved the way for the undoing of federal abortion rights protections, said that some Republicans “speak very inarticulately” about the issue and have pursued “terrible” state-level restrictions that could alienate much of the country.

While avoiding taking specific positions himself, Trump said in an NBC interview that if he is reelected he will try to broker compromises on how long into pregnancies abortion should be legal and whether those restrictions should be imposed on the federal or the state level.

“I would sit down with both sides and I’d negotiate something and we’ll end up with peace on that issue for the first time in 52 years,” he said.

The former president targeted GOP primary rival Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in his criticism of how the Republican party has handled the issue, calling Florida’s six-week ban “a terrible thing and a terrible mistake.”

DeSantis’ camp hit back on Sunday, taking aim at the former president for saying he’d be willing to work with both parties on abortion.

“We’ve already seen the disastrous results of Donald Trump compromising with Democrats: over $7 trillion in new debt, an unfinished border wall, and the jailbreak First Step Act letting violent criminals back on to the streets. Republicans across the country know that Ron DeSantis will never back down,” tweeted spokesperson Andrew Romeo.

Trump also warned Republicans that the party would lose voters by advancing abortion restrictions without exceptions for cases of rape, incest or risks to the mother’s life.

“Other than certain parts of the country, you can’t – you’re not going to win on this issue,” he said.

The panel on Fox responded by admitting that one, Republicans do not have a coherent message on this. Two, that this was terrible for them in the midterms, and three, pretending that Trump has changed his views, rather than just doing desperate damage control on the issue and is somehow now “pro-abortion rights” when anyone with a brain knows he’s clearly not, and finally with Mr. Meghan McCain, Ben Domenech, pretending this is some winner for Republicans in purple states. Good luck with that Ben.

ROBERTS: Donald Trump on Meet the Press yesterday called Ron DeSantis’ signing of the six week abortion ban a “terrible mistake.” Brit, the candidates are all over the place on this while the Democrats have a pretty coherent message.

HUME: Yeah, the Republicans having won the big win that they had waited for for years when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade have now had a terrible time figuring out where to land as a party on the issue of abortion, and Democrats have clearly gained ground on it.

Mr. Trump’s statement over the weekend seems to me that he is about as purely political as anything you could imagine. I think his distances on this issue all along have been that way. He’s now calculated that the issue is hurting the Republicans, and would hurt him if he adhered to it as his party’s nominee, so he flipped on it and is he’s now clearly pro-abortion rights. At least is he banning abortion in any early stage of pregnancy.

It’s going to be interesting to see how people who have stuck with him, people on the religious right, evangelicals and so on will feel about this. It’s going to hurt him.

ROBERTS: So far nothing he has said hurt his standing with Republicans. Juan, one one of the reasons why Democrats defended their losses in the House in the 2022 midterms is because of the abortion message. Is this going to be a way for them to potentially get the House back?

WILLIAMS: I think it is. Look, you know, we have been going over all the polls for the last few days that don’t look good for Joe Biden, and one thing we don’t factor in is not only Donald Trump as a as the opponent in the general election, but the impact of the abortion decision the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court that continues to roil and be a defining magnet for Democrats. It energizes them and brings out Democratic voters, especially those famous suburban females.

ROBERTS: Does this spell trouble for Republicans?

DOMNECH: Every single governor who signed a heartbeat bill, the same bill that the former president criticized, got reelected. All of them. Okay, Republicans have passed these bills in states that were even purple states, and they have done so successfully, and they have done so with people who would advocate for them.

Him undermining them at this moment, at a moment when the pro-life cause believes, you know, that they are, you know, very much indebted to the former president for achieving this historical, you know, aspect of reversing Roe is something I think that is essentially going to test how much those voters believe that they can get out of him in a second term.

If they believe this term is going to be about building his own legacy or in some ways trying to find some peace with the New York Times, you know, readers that he very much wants to be held in approval by, then I think there is an actual opening there for conservatives who are willing to stand up on the abortion issue, willing to really take it to the former president on this issue, to basically say you can’t trust him another four years the way that you invested in him last time around.

ROBERTS: Only four months and little bit left to go before the first contest. We’ll see if anybody can make inroads on this issue.

Yep, only a few months left to find out for certain that most Republican voters have lost their minds and are willing to put a lawbreaking insane fascist back in office. Trump’s abortion stance or the stance by any of the rest of them has nothing to do with it. It’s a cult. They could care less about the hypocrisy or if the liar contradicts what he’s said a thousand times over.

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