Fox Snowflakes Have Meltdown Over City's Holiday Email

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin is a city of more than 48,000 people and a suburb of Milwaukee. They also became the target of Fox as they claim that the War on Christmas has begun. The weekend crew are in utter disbelief that city officials sent an email to employees to ask them to show some consideration when putting up their own personal holiday decorations at the work site:

It states that Christmas decorations are commonly seen throughout public counters at city hall and reminds workers not everyone celebrates the holiday.

With the reminder, the email asks departments to refrain from using “religious decorations” or “those solely associated with Christmas (such as red and green colors)” when decorating public spaces within city buildings.

Some neutral, inclusive decorations suggested include snowflakes, snow people, festive lighting, greenery and incorporation of colors like blue, green and purple.

According to Rachel Campos-Duffy, people are just outraged – outraged! I tell you! – about the email.

In reality, the only people that have commented on it are a handful of right winger extremists, none of whom actually live in Wauwatosa. Their fauxrage becomes even more fricking hilarious when one considers the city’s seal:

Credit: City of Wauwatosa Facebook page

It should be noted that they only inserted the “In God We Trust” in 1992 after the city was threatened with a lawsuit by a freedom of religion group. Before then, it was a Latin cross.

Safe to say, despite a few wing nuts getting their tinsel tied in a knot, there is no danger of the city changing their name to Woketosa anytime soon.

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