Fox's Watters Takes Their 'Victimless Crime' Lie To A Whole New Level

Fox’s Jesse Watters proves once again that he’s not only a condescending jerk, but also a shameless liar with this latest defense of Trump. Fox has been pushing the “victimless crime” nonsense about the New York civil fraud case for ages now. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone on Fox try to claim that all of the cases against Trump are “victimless.”

During a discussion on Fox’s The Five on whether Trump will ultimately gain or lose in popularity with the general electorate, and most of the cohosts on there painting all of this as just some grand scheme to keep Trump from making his way back to the White House, cohost Jessica Tarlov pointed out that it might help him with primary voters, but warned Trump that he might want to be careful about bragging about it supposedly making him more popular, since most people “don’t want to vote for a convicted felon,” and that he still has “a lot of cases pending” against him.

After her cohost Greg Gutfeld tried to claim that’s the entire reason for anyone prosecuting him, and called it a “circular argument,” Tarlov shot back “But that’s making it out as if the man didn’t do anything wrong, and the average real estate investor isn’t inflating the worth of their real estate.

Which was met with this snide response from Watters, telling her she doesn’t know anything about real estate because she rents, before bragging about how many properties Trump owns that they could look at from their studio.

Tarlov shot back at Watters, asking him “Did you actually just say that?”, which Watters pretty much ignored while continuing to praise Trump for all the things he supposedly “built,” and asking what Joe Biden has built.

Tarlov tried to point out that Trump hadn’t actually “built” anything, but just put his name on things, but was pretty much run over by Watters complaining about how unfairly Trump is supposedly being treated, and claiming that Democrats just want to see him convicted before the election, and accusing Democrats of giving terrorists “more respect than Trump.

Which ended with this exchange:

TARLOV: Donald Trump has great, I mean he thinks it’s great representation. He is being given due process. He has gotten almost all of his requests from the Supreme Court down to the state courts.


TARLOV: And what you just said beyond the incredibly rude way that you began about the fact that I rent my apartment, is basically giving him carte blanche to do everything from storing classified documents and flattening subpoenas and not returning them, to fomenting an insurrection after he lost an election by millions.

PIRRO: But he’s not charged with that is a what that, is he? (crosstalk)

WATTERS: Jessica, what I’m saying is there’s no victims in any of these cases, and you guys are very angry. No. None. You guys are very angry that he he has the cash.

TARLOV: I’m not.

WATTERS: You’re angry. The other day you said, oh, he’s broke. Oh, he doesn’t have $500 million cash. And then he put up that bond for like $97 million dollars for the woman who accused him, and then he put another $175 million. It’s a stupid case.

TARLOV: She didn’t just accuse him. He was found libel.

Which was immediately cut off by Dana Perino, because on Fox, you’re not allowed to know that Trump was found guilty of sexual assault.

And now it’s not just the NY civil fraud case. There are no victims in ANY of these cases. So no victims for Trump inciting a riot and trying to steal the election. No victims in the defamation/sexual assault case. No victims with him risking our national security with the stolen documents case.

If you weren’t sure already why your Crazy Uncle Liberty whackaloon MAGA relative thinks Joe Biden is worse than Trump, and that poor picked on Trump hasn’t done anything wrong, it’s because they’re watching this bullshit. Shame on all of these assholes like Watters who sold their soul for a paycheck, and may they burn in hell for lying to the public like this.

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