Fragile Little Manlet Reads Articles Praising Him Outside Courtroom

Just outside criminal court on Thursday, Trump addressed reporters to complain about how cold it is inside and how corrupt Joe Biden is even though the former President is facing a long list of crimes. He rifled through a stack of article clips that praised him. At one point on Friday, Sleepy Joe Trump fell asleep in court again. Give him a blanky and his binky so the tough guy feels warm and secure, k?

According to The Washington Post, Natalie Harp, one of Trump’s employees and a former host of One America News, “often accompanies Trump on his daily golf outings, riding the course in a golf cart equipped with a laptop and sometimes a printer to show him uplifting news articles, online posts or other materials.” According to Meidas Touch, she’s paid well, receiving $8,750 per month to be Trump’s fluffer 

She earned her paycheck Thursday as The Twice-Impeached One stood outside the courtroom to read sections of praise-worthy articles.

“I’m supposed to be in New Hampshire, I’m supposed to be in Georgia, I’m supposed to be in North Carolina, South Carolina, I’m supposed to be in a lot of different places campaigning, but I’m I’ve been here all day on a trial that really isn’t a fair trial,” Trump said while rifling through articles.

“These are all stories over the last few days from legal experts. This is Wall Street Journal editorial,” the little manlet continued. “But all of these are stories from legal experts saying how this is not a case. ‘The case is ridiculous.’ There’s another one, ‘The case is ridiculous, Trump indictment, it’s missing fraud, there is no fraud. ‘The case is ridiculous.’ There’s another one, ‘The case is ridiculous,’ ‘Trump indictment, it’s missing fraud, there is no fraud.'”

“All of these stories are stories of how — and these are done by the experts and editorials,” Trump said. Bragg falsified business records, and uh, he falsifies them, he’s the one, he’s the fraud. Take a look; all of these are stories. You see them here. Even the Rolling Stone — no friend of mine — they don’t like, it says, they don’t like Bragg’s chances on this case, it’s a disgrace.”

Trump went through the stack of stapled articles and said, “That’s a nice headline. I’d like to read that one, too.”

“The whole world is watching this hoax,” Trump added. “You got a DA that’s out of control, you have a judge that’s highly conflicted, the whole thing is a mess. Then you have the leading candidate, the leading crooked Joe Biden — he’s the one that should be on trial. He’s a crook.”

Well done, Natalie! The interesting thing is that a Democrat would say that if Biden were guilty of crimes, then he should be held accountable. You won’t hear a Trump supporter say the same about their orange pissdaddy. That’s because they know he’s guilty. They know.

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