Golden Bachelor's Kathy and Susan Asked Joan to Scope Out Her Men for Them

Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts didn’t find love with Gerry Turner, but that doesn’t mean they’re turned off by dating within Bachelor Nation.

While promoting their podcast, “Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour,” the Golden Bachelor alums told Us Weekly that they are interested in pursuing Golden Bachelorette Joan Vassos’ castoffs after she finds The One. (Joan’s season is currently filming and is set to air in the fall.)

“Joan is, first of all, beautiful — tall, lovely, really smart. A dedicated mom who loves life. What guy wouldn’t want her?” Kathy began when Us asked about Joan. “She’s a great person.”

Susan agreed, noting, “[She has] a big heart. And knows what she wants too and hopefully she’ll take her time and choose the right man. … [We told her to] keep an eye out, like, ‘Joan, who did you like for us?’ Like, we don’t wanna do them all. We wanna know, ‘Who did you think about [for us]?’”

Golden Bachelor's Kathy and Susan Asked Joan to Scope Out Her Contestants for Them to Date
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Kathy added that they gave their friend and former costar “very explicit directions,” explaining: “She knows us well. ‘Joan, pick out one for me. Pick out one for Susan. Pick out one for Nancy [Hulkower].‘ I said, ‘You can’t take ’em all. Joan, you can pick one. So think of us, think of your friends!’”

If Joan can’t play matchmaker, the reality stars are enlisting ABC to put the singles from the inaugural seasons of The Golden Bachelor and The Golden Bachelorette on their own show.

“Kathy, how about we do another show with all the leftovers from both shows?” Susan asked her costar, who made it clear she was down.

“Whoever wants to do it, we’re in,” she replied. “I think she’s gonna have the time of her life. Who wouldn’t?”

Golden Bachelor's Kathy and Susan Asked Joan to Scope Out Her Contestants for Them to Date
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While Kathy and Susan are both single, it’s not for a lack of trying to find love post-show.

“I just turned 71. My ‘problem’ is that I have a lot of energy and I’m fit. And I want a guy who is fit and adventurous,” Kathy told Us before referring to a phrase she coined on the podcast about a “used to” guy. “I don’t want a guy who used to play tennis, who used to ski, who used to boat and now he sits on the sofa. It’s hard to find those guys who don’t wanna date younger. That’s our culture. I’m trying to beat it back one man at a time!”

Both women are trying to find men who can keep up with their active lifestyles.

“I can’t put an exact number on it. It would depend on the person, but probably not more than 10, 12 years younger because then you’re not even on the same page in life,” Susan said of her age range for dating. “We don’t want a friend with benefits at this stage of the game. I want a partner in crime!”

The twosome told Us that they are taking a break from online dating and hoping to meet someone while out and about, starting with an upcoming trip to St. Martin “to raise more hell” with their friend Nancy. (When Us asked about the fourth member of their show group ASKN, April Kirkwood — who was noticeably missing from their last trip to the island — Susan noted that they “miss” April while Kathy noted that their “lives are different” since filming the series.)

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On “Golden Hour,” Kathy and Susan interview Bachelor stars and answer fan questions, mostly discussing love advice.

“People really like hearing our thoughts and we brighten up people’s day. The world’s a tough place sometimes and just getting to hear humor or, maybe, helping someone solve a problem or just the fun of hearing how other people live has been very gratifying,” Kathy told Us.

Susan noted that she’s even gotten emotional by the listener’s questions.

“Surprisingly, it touches our hearts sometimes. Last week when we were doing one, we felt so bad that we didn’t have the right advice,” she said. “Some of them are really heartfelt and others, Kathy and I are on the opposite ends of the spectrum and [that’s fun too].”

Fans can listen to “Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts and submit questions via

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