Grothman Gets Trump Rally Riled Up With A Dog Whistle

On Tuesday, scores of MAGAts proved their stupidity by attending a Trump rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin during a massive snowstorm. So, as you can imagine, it doesn’t take a lot to get the crowd riled up. Representative Glenn Grothman proved that to be true by blowing a little tune on his dog whistle:

Who is the only man who has the ability to stop the United States from disappearing in November? [The crowd shouts Donald Trump] Donald Trump. You’re absolutely right.

It’s been quite apparent that the main, and maybe the only, plank in Trump’s platform is racism and hate. But with a track record like Trump’s, what else does he have to run on? That he’s a rapist? That he’s committed fraud? Or maybe that he’s a traitor to the nation?

No, all Trump and his little acolytes have is racism, hate and anger. And it gets very tiring very quickly to try to maintain that much hate for seven more months.

Besides, the only thing with a risk of disappearing in November is a box of donuts if someone leaves it unattended near Grothman.

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