Ha, Ha! GOP Group Warns Candidates Not To Bash Joe Biden

Via Axios, some friendly advice from the Republican State Leadership Committee. Via Axios:

A Republican Party committee is privately warning its candidates that just hitting President Biden will be “insufficient” to win in November, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: The GOP’s top fundraising committee for state-level leaders argued that Biden doesn’t hurt candidates down ballot in the way some presidents have in the past.

“Steer clear of making the election a singular referendum on Joe Biden,” wrote Dee Duncan, the president of the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC).

The memo advised against using Biden “as your crutch” and said campaigns need to make an affirmative case for GOP policies.

[…] The RSLC argued that the Democratic Party’s focus on preserving abortion rights and democracy was not enough to overcome voter concerns about the economy, crime and illegal immigration.

So many wonderful GOP policies they can run on! For example, laws about reproductive health that are written so vaguely that doctors simply refuse to do various procedures, “just in case.

Or at a time when the majority of Americans do not go to church, Republicans want to elevate extreme Christian Nationalist ideas as policy. Keep up the good work, Republicans! Americans just love having someone else’s ideology imposed on them as law!

Please, do tell us your plans for addressing climate change — like “drill, drill, drill!”, of course. Plus, all those states with local news that prevent solar power users from going off the grid — that’s popular!

While Vladimir Putin is very popular with your MAGA base, not so much with independents and Democrats. But maybe you can convince them!

Oo oo, I know! Gun control! Almost all Americans support it. What, you say? No change on that?

How about that movement to cut Social Security and raise the retirement age? That’ll really bring out the voters — although not the way you hope.

Immigration? Well, an awful lot of voters are now aware that Trump squashed a significant immigration reform bill because he didn’t want Joe Biden to run on it. How are you gonna explain that one?

I am so interested to see which “policies” you plan to highlight, because odds are, whatever your candidates say, odds are high that Trump will push the opposite at one of his rallies. But good luck!

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