Happy Independence Day!

Hey, everyone. It’s the anniversary of our independence and the day where everyone watches fireworks (or their terrified dogs hide under the bed), eats hot dogs, waves the flag and gets outside.

Happy Independence Day. I’m writing that in the same tone I feel. No exclamation point, no smiley, no little emoji. I honestly feel like we ought to be out in the damn streets protesting the Supreme Court who made the President a King and stripped women of all their rights. Nothing feels very celebratory to me. Nothing.

Part of that is because I need a break, and so does every person on our staff. As Red Painter says, we need to just chill.

So we are taking today off from all the news and noise. We’re going to soothe terrified dogs and grill some burgers and maybe just sit and read a book or think about things that aren’t political.

We’ll be back bright and early Friday morning as usual.

Happy 4th! Have a tall, cool drink and relax.

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