Hillary Clinton Has The Best Response To The Biden Age Question

The former first lady, secretary of state and Trump opponent was asked on Morning Joe Thursday whether she thinks questions about President Joe Biden’s age are legitimate.

Yes, the questions are legitimate, she replied, it’s the conclusion people draw that she finds “off base.”

“Look, I am supporting President Biden and Vice President Harris because of what they’ve gotten accomplished. I’m kind of old-fashioned that way,” she continued. She likes how they “tackle big problems, bring people together and try to forge solutions.”

Clinton said she “could go on and on” about the Biden administration’s accomplishments, but she’s especially happy with how our bridges, roads and infrastructure are being repaired, we’re competing with China on advanced manufacturing, transitioning to clean energy and bringing down drug prices.

“So, when people say to me, ‘well, he’s old,’ yeah, that’s right. But look at what he’s gotten done,” she added. “And then if that’s not enough for you, look at the alternative: a wrecking crew. People who, as Mitt Romney said, do not even believe in our Constitution, who don’t want to solve problems. who only want to engage in meaningless, endless, partisan sniping and insulting.”

I don’t think anyone could say it better.

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