How Jill Zarin, Joe Amabile Would Have Spent The Goat’s $200,000 Prize

Jill Zarin, Joe Amabile and Jason Smith had plans for how they would spend the $200,000 prize on The Goat had they won.

During an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, the runner-ups broke down their original intentions for the money.

“I had a clear plan from the beginning. I work with a lot of organizations for battered women and children and feeding children across America. So I wanted to do what I could with the majority of that money toward those programs,” Jason, 46, noted. “But that was kind of my whole thing was I wasn’t doing this for just myself.”

The Food Network chef wanted to use his potential earnings to help others, adding, “I was doing it for all those people out there that don’t get the chance that I have in my life to get where I’m at now. So I really wanted to bring that full circle back around to them.”

Jill, 60, had a similar thought after nearly crossing that finish line. “It would’ve gone to the Bobby Zarin Memorial Fund. I do a charity event every summer — and Joe was there last year — and it would’ve gone right to cancer research,” she shared. “It would’ve been for that.”

The Goats Jill Zarin, Joe Amabile and Jason Smith Reveal How They Would Have Spent 200000 Prize Money

Jill Zarin
Jace Downs

The Real Housewives of New York City alum was excited to be a contestant on The Goat for the fun of it. Getting to potentially make a difference by donating the prize money was an added bonus for Jill.

“I did the game because I wanted to play all the games. I said it from the beginning and I meant it. I didn’t do it for the money,” she explained. “And I think that helped me. People knew I didn’t do it for the money, I just wanted to play the games. And in the end, I did get to play every single game and then it was my time to go home.”

The Goats Jill Zarin, Joe Amabile and Jason Smith Reveal How They Would Have Spent 200000 Prize Money

Joe Amabile
Jace Downs

As for Joe, 38, he didn’t have a specific plan for the money. “Full transparency, I probably would’ve put it in the bank. That’s probably where I was going with it,” Joe added before Jill pointed out that he could ask fellow Bachelor Nation star Jason Tartick for “good investment” advice.

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The Goat, which started streaming in May, brought over a dozen reality TV stars into GOAT Manor to face off in various challenges for a cash prize and the title of Greatest of All Time. In addition to the runner-ups, Paola Mayfield, Reza Farahan, CJ Franco, Teck Holmes, Justin Johnson (a.k.a Alyssa Edwards), Da’Vonne Rogers, Joey Sasso, Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Tayshia Adams competed in the series.

The Goats Jill Zarin, Joe Amabile and Jason Smith Reveal How They Would Have Spent 200000 Prize Money

Da’Vonne Rogers, Jason Smith, Paola Mayfield, Jill Zarin, and Joe Amabile
Prime Video

The season finale, which started streaming on Thursday, June 27, ultimately crowded Paola, 37, as the winner.

“To be honest, I never expected to win. I thought that I was going to be out the first week or maybe the first day,” Paola revealed to Us after the episode aired. “But the fact that I was able to make it to the end and just to be able to be the OG of The Goat, I can’t stop smiling. I have so many feelings. I’m super, super excited that I finally can say it.”

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Paola spoke on the show about her intention to use the prize money to adopt a daughter with husband Russ Mayfield. While the pair is still committed to that plan, they still have to wait before they can make that a reality.

The Goats Jill Zarin, Joe Amabile and Jason Smith Reveal How They Would Have Spent 200000 Prize Money

The Goat
Jace Downs

“The show is just airing right now. So I have to wait for the prize,” Paola said about the cash. “You have to wait because it just happened right now. But I’m OK with that. This is probably the perfect time — with everything happening at once — because I can just celebrate with everybody.”

Paola was just thrilled to be the first winner on the competition series, adding, “It’s not just about the money — it’s about the fact that I’m an OG. I’m the first one to win the gold. It’s a moment of being proud. And the money is awesome but it’s just this opportunity and being able to celebrate like this.”

The Goat is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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