How Rudy Giuliani Changed – And Destroyed His Timeline

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…Rudy Giuliani was not only respected, but revered as “America’s Mayor.” The hero of 9/11 (which he’d tell you every other sentence). He never deserved any of it, of course.

He was always a nasty piece of work, a philanderer, racist and, frankly, an asshole who couldn’t get along with anyone. But after 9/11, the media made him into the next Churchill, so he raked in millions as a lawyer, security consultant, speechifier & more. If he’d been satisfied with that–being a rich, famous hero, it’s how he would’ve gone into the history books.

Instead, he ran for President in 2008, began to debase himself to try to appeal to right-wingers and just kept getting worse until Trump came along and Rudy went full MAGA nutbag. Now, he’s a multiple-indicted fool with crazy theories and audible farts at public hearings.

Cliff Schecter covers it all: the insanity, humiliation, criminal indictments–most recently in Arizona. He reminds you of things you forgot, tells you new ones and has you laughing the whole way at one of the largest falls from grace in U.S. history. Check out Cliff’s video–and subscribe to his Youtube channel for more content like this!

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