I Wonder If They'nullre Taking Applications

CBS ran a story three years ago about a Wisconsin cat rescue who was blessed by a savior, Terry Lauerman, a brother at St. Norbert’s Abbey. The 76 year old retired teacher started to come to the shelter as a volunteer to brush the cats. But he ended up falling asleep. The pictures of Grandpa Cat, as they call him, sleeping with his feline friends went viral and made $100,000 for the shelter.

But no one should be surprised that this happened. The shelter and the abbey is in Green Bay, and as any Packers fan will tell you, Lambeau Field is God’s country.

Which got me to thinking…

I wonder if any local shelters would like me to come in and cuddle up with their puppies. They could call me Doggy Daddy or something. And I already have lots of practice doing cuddle puddles with my three hound dogs.

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