Jenna Dewan Claims Channing Tatum Hid Details About 'Magic Mike' Earnings

Jenna Dewan Claims Channing Tatum Hid Details About 'Magic Mike' Earnings

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum in ‘Magic Mike.’
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Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum‘s lawyers were present during a court hearing on Friday, April 12, regarding the former couple’s divorce settlement.

Attorneys for Dewan, 43, claimed on Friday that Tatum, also 43, allegedly hid details about his Magic Mike earnings and argued that the actress is entitled to a cut of the profits since they were married when the film was made, according to court documents obtained by Us Weekly.

“The Magic Mike intellectual property and all the proceeds thereon is the elephant in the room,” Dewan’s lawyer, Samantha Spector, told the judge on Friday. “We have, for the last couple of years, been trying to meaningfully resolve this case, but every time we do, we get stuck on that issue with Magic Mike. We are dealing with a potential billion-dollar asset.”

Tatum starred and produced Magic Mike in 2012 before the property spawned two additional sequels and a live stage show in Las Vegas and London. Dewan’s lawyer argued on Friday that her client should receive fair and equal compensation since they were married when the film was initially developed and produced, which Tatum paid for  with their shared “marital funds.”

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Spector did confirm that Dewan had received “some” money from Tatum but claims it doesn’t accurately account for the full success of Magic Mike. According to Dewan’s camp, the finances are under Tatum’s full control in “a complex web of LLCs, holding companies, and partnerships,” which Dewan believes were created to intentionally “dilute and conceal the value of, and licensing income to, the community property Magic Mike intellectual property and derivative assets.”.

Jenna Dewan Claims Channing Tatum Hid Details About 'Magic Mike' Earnings

Channing Tatum in ‘Magic Mike.’
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Tatum has not publicly addressed Dewan’s court claims. Us has reached out for comment.

News broke earlier this month that Tatum and Dewan, who were married between 2009 and 2019, were going to court to iron out the details of their divorce settlement. According to court documents, the now-exes as well as Dewan’s fiancé, Steve Kazee, would testify over their financial situations.

The docs also mentioned Dewan’s Magic Mike concerns, in which she alleged that Tatum refused to equally split the franchise’s intellectual property. In his own court filing, Tatum denied the claims.

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“[Channing] has expended extensive efforts since separation towards the enhancement of the Magic Mike intellectual property and related entities, which Respondent contends give rise to his separate property interest therein,” the documents read. “The Court will need to allocate the community interest and Respondent’s separate property interest in the intellectual property and related entities in consideration of Respondent’s post-separation efforts.”

Jenna Dewan Claims Channing Tatum Hid Details About 'Magic Mike' Earnings

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.

Tatum and Dewan, who met while filming 2006’s Step Up, wed three years later. After a decade of marriage and the birth of now-10-year-old daughter Everly, the now-exes confirmed their separation in 2018 and were declared legally single in 2019. They share 50/50 custody of Everly and have worked to have an amicable coparenting relationship.

“It’s always a journey,” Dewan told Romper in a January interview. “It never ends. You just learn as you go and get better at certain things, and for me, Evie will always be my top priority. I just continually put her first. That’s how I can manage all hard things.”

Dewan has since moved on with Kazee, 48, with whom she shares son Callum and they are currently expecting their second baby together. Tatum, meanwhile, found love with actress Zoë Kravitz and they got engaged in 2023.

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