Jesse Watters Very Upset CA Fast Food Workers Earn $20 An Hour

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Watters earns $5 million a year for talking on Fox News, where truth-telling is optional. reported that he bought a “swanky New Jersey mansion” for nearly $2.8 million last year. Yet, he thinks it’s “crazy” to ensure that McDonald’s and other fast food workers are now guaranteed an income that only gets them closer to a living wage.

$21.24 an hour is needed for a livable wage in California and more than twice that if you have a child, The Sacramento Bee reported in December. That does not include money to afford unpaid time off work, money for savings, investments or medical emergencies.

Yet on a recent PBD podcast, Watters called it “crazy” that California just raised the minimum pay for fast food workers to $20/hr. Watters is so out of touch with regular folks, he estimated that $20 an hour translates to “six figures” a year. When informed by host Patrick Bet-David that it was really only $40,000, Watters still thought that outrageous. Because a spouse or partner working there would make it $100,000 a year!

Even after Bet-David corrected the amount to $80,000, Watters still complained, “that’s crazy.” As if he’d ever do his cushy job for even ten times that amount.

But like so many of his ilk, Watters thinks he is 100% worth so much more than someone spending hours on their feet dealing with hot stoves and demanding customers all day. “That job really doesn’t require much,” he sneered.

Then he revealed what is probably his biggest concern: some extra money might come out of his own well-padded pockets: “It’s inflating the entire – you know, labor sector,” Watters complained. “And the Happy Meal, which I’m very unhappy about.

Cry me a river, Jesse.

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