Joe Biden Talked About Democracy. Trump Talked About Himself.

Morning Joe did a compare and contrast with July 4th messages from President Biden and Trump:

“We’re the only nation on the earth founded on an idea, not ethnicity, not geography, not anything else, on an idea. Now, decades later, we must look at ourselves and ask the question, will we stand for freedom again? Will we stand for democracy? Will we stand together as Americans? I believe we will and we can,” the president said.

“How moving,” Joe Scarborough said. “That was part of President Joe Biden’s message at the Fourth of July celebration on the White House South Lawn yesterday, talking about how America is an idea.

“Donald Trump had his own ideas on how he would celebrate the Fourth of July. He used a holiday message to once again air grievances. In a series of independent posts, the former president barely mentioned America.

“Starting off by writing, ‘Happy Fourth of July to all, including our highly incapable president who uses prosecutors to go after political opponents. USA.’ In total, Trump mentioned America just one time in his Fourth of July posts — and I know this will shock you — saying, ‘Make America Great Again.'”

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