Johnson Wants Voters To Look At Pictures Of Aborted Fetuses

As the gentle reader is aware, abortion is a very hot topic that the Republicans are failing miserably on, and Senator Ron Johnson did them no favors on that matter.

Earlier this week, Vice President Kamala Harris once again visited Wisconsin. During her visit, she announced the White House’s new policy about staffing in nursing homes and talked about reproductive health care. After Harris’s visit, RoJo again brought up his suggestion for a referendum to allow voters to decide what the state’s abortion policy should be. Then in usual RoJo style, he went off the deep end with it:

The Republican senator’s comments came as Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris visited La Crosse to rally voters around abortion as the race for the presidency remains tight in this battleground state. Johnson advocated, as he has before, that the issue should be decided via referendum.

“We need to understand, first of all, what an abortion looks like at every stage of pregnancy. We’ve not had that discussion, which is why I recommended a referendum to ask that question: at what point does society have the responsibility to protect life?” Johnson told reporters.

But leading up to that referendum, we should have an education campaign that describes what life looks like inside the womb at different stages. You know, what babies could experience when they’re viable — but also, as abhorrent as it would be, what does an abortion look like — at four weeks and eight weeks and 12 weeks?”

His concern about protecting embryos is rather peculiar since he strongly believes once a baby is born that the government should wash its hands of the child and not help it survive any further than that.

It would also be interesting to know how RoJo would feel about this proposal for other policies, like gun control, for example. We could have referendum questions on various levels of gun laws and let voters decide. But first, we would need an educational program that would show what an AR-15 can do to a child’s body during a school shooting. I don’t know but something tells me that RoJo won’t go along with this, much less see how stupid his idea sounds.

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