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Since Crooks and Liars began in 2004 (Bush’s re-election, remember?), we’ve posted over 25,000 videos.

It’s safe to say no other progressive website comes close to matching our historic (and searchable!) video archives.

And yes, it takes a lot of work finding, cutting, uploading and writing about the things we see. Our talented staff makes C&L worth the click.

It also costs a ton of money every month to host the videos on our servers.

If our traffic is any indication, you really enjoy the type of work we do — along with all the relevant videos we post. That takes money (a lot of it!) each month, so now we’re calling on you, our readers, to join us by supporting our work.

To thank you, we’ll provide you with an Ad-Free Login.

So please, subscribe to Crooks and Liars. It’s $1 for the first month and $6.99 per month thereafter. Once you’ve subscribed, just click on the Ad-free login link at the top right side of the page to enjoy the site without all the ads.

If you’ve subscribed and want to help us out even more, you can click on the Kindest link at the bottom of this post and make a donation, too. We’re grateful for all of you who have done that.

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Any donation helps!

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