Jordan Klepper Crashes The Trump Trial

Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show went on site of the Trump trials this week to keep his finger on the pulse of the MAGA nut jobs. And they were plentiful.

The prize winner had to be the old lady that Klepper kept going back to in his video. She claimed to be at the J6 insurrection, she thought the QAnon Shaman was particular intelligent, very articulate and was able to smell shit a mile away. You just know that anyone who thinks that a guy in warpaint and wearing a bison hide on his head is elite, you’ve got a live one on your hands.

Of course, none of the people interviewed thought Trump was guilty. But then again, none of them probably even knew what the trial was really about.

Klepper also managed to run into and interview Andrew Guiliani, Rudy’s son. He spewed the same oral sleaze that his dear old dad does but without the runny hair.

The most amazing part was considering how in hell these people are functional enough to not have anyone tying their shoes for them in the morning.

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