July 2024 Horoscope: The 7 Zodiac Signs Getting Vulnerable With the New Moon

Grab your manifestation journals, because we’re approaching another fabulous time to invite fresh starts and change into your life. The new moon is here to help us better care for ourselves and our loved ones. New moons occur monthly, and mark the start of a new lunar cycle (duh), which is the perfect time to leave the past in the past and look forward to what’s on the horizon.

This month, the new moon will take place on July 5th in Cancer—one of the best locations for the moon to be. Cancer is the moon’s ruler, embodying an emotional, creative, and heartfelt essence. Holding us tenderly as a mother would, the Cancer new moon invites us to consider how we can care for ourselves and the world by listening to what our emotional body needs. Vulnerability is the key to any Cancer transit—how can you be honest with yourself and others about what you need right now?

Given how the new moon interacts with the rest of the chart, new ways of nurturing will start budding. The moon is maternal, so she wants us to care for ourselves. Themes surrounding your upbringing might appear during this time—think about how you were parented and how you would have taken care of yourself if you were a child. Would you have done it differently or followed the same path your parents did? Consider what will bring you that cliché but necessary chicken soup for the soul. It might show up through the lens of a new relationship or creative endeavors. Your creativity should be heightened, as it is whenever water sign energy is present, so be imaginative and open about what is possible for you. Venus is in close aspect to this new moon, which adds a sprinkling of good fortune to the opportunities you might be seeking right now.

The new moon is well-grounded, with positive aspects to Saturn and Mars. Saturn helps encourage an added sense of awareness to your personal experiences. With this self-awareness comes self-reliance; though you will feel you can do it alone, that doesn’t mean you have to. The energy present reminds us to create boundaries where needed and open up the gates when we need additional support. The path ahead might be a bit confusing: although the water sign influence will heighten your creative and intuitive gifts, it might battle with logic, which could make you question the future. Take it slow and steady as the transit Mars in Taurus supports the path forward. Trust the process, even if the outcomes are slower than expected. Remember that the new moon cycle doesn’t close for six months, so there is no reason to consider throwing in the towel until the full cancer moon at the end of this year.

With all good things, like this new moon, it would be wise to approach it cautiously. The new moon is at the bends of the lunar nodes, giving us a seesaw effect between our past and our future. I mentioned looking back at your past and upbringing, because that can hold the key to your future. Right now, the answer lies somewhere between where you are and where you are going. It’s crucial to ensure we are all pushing forward rather than staying in cycles that keep us going in circles. The lunar nodes remind us during this new moon that moving forward can be uncomfortable but necessary. Cancerian energy always considers the family unit, but the lunar nodes won’t do something without permission. You can still respect the support unit, but follow the path that most supports you.

Overall, this new moon has a solid foundation and positive tone. The only thing to consider is not falling backward into old patterns—newness is the key to any new moon. Manifest which changes you want and how you’ll get there, but make sure that the end goal is your well-being. For the most accurate horoscope, read for your rising sign, and be sure to enjoy the cosmic hug this new moon is giving.


The new moon holds potential for you and your home and family. You might feel like a fresh start is necessary or that you hope to build some bridges with the family unit around this time. Use the new moon to find presence with your home and family. Be there, and actively participate in their experiences instead of living in your own Aries world. Your ruling planet, Mars, during the new moon, is in the steadfast sign of Taurus, so practice patience with yourself and your loved ones. Patience isn’t always your nature, but it will allow for more thoughtful connections as you move forward from this lunation.


I hope you are feeling curious, because the new moon has the potential to spark ideas and imagination. You might want to share more about what you are going through and what you need around the new moon. Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, so ensure you are honest and speak from the heart. Your ruling planet, Venus in Cancer, helps support this new moon so your natural essence will be drawn to where it is needed. Learn how to support and take care of yourself in new ways on a daily level, instead of loading it all into one glamorous spa day.


Your self-worth will be pushed forward during this new moon, and better, more holistic self-care is on the horizon. As a Gemini, you have a rapidly changing mind that soaks up the words of everyone around you, but this new moon can help soothe that chaos and bring you back to center. Slow down and think about how you communicate with yourself. How can you be kinder to yourself based on what you value? Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in Leo at the time of the new moon, reminding you to be proud of who you are and not to limit your voice for the sake of others. Don’t feel shame in setting boundaries for those who might diminish that sense of self.


You are starting a new chapter of self-awareness and expression. The new moon in your sign holds so much power for you to step out into the world with a renewed sense of control. It’s giving “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross: letting the world know where you are, and to take you as you are, or don’t take you at all! The moon rules you, so naturally, this time will be heightened emotionally, but the feelings are positive. As the caretaker of everyone else, you are aware of what you and other people need. This new moon reminds you to care for yourself rather than put all your efforts into what someone else might desire.


The new moon might stir up some deep emotions for you. With this new moon, you can come into many new spiritual and dreamlike opportunities that help you put the past behind you. No more holding onto a ball and chain that isn’t strapped to the ground beneath you. Lean into spiritual practices that help you with your mindfulness. The sun, your ruling planet, sits with the new moon in Cancer, so the key is to ensure that you are taking action toward your well-being. You may need to cut ties or let go of something, but this is a necessary shift to help you keep moving forward.


You are reconnecting heavily to yourself and all of your relationships, Virgo. Over the past year, you’ve been redefining what it means to have a relationship with someone, and the new moon on July 5 marks the shift where you can start letting yourself connect. You might find that you are establishing new friendships and building your social network around the new moon. You are ruled by Mercury, which reminds you that being vulnerable and facing your fears is part of the key to building new connections right now. Open yourself up to others, and don’t be held back by fears from past experiences.


Big changes are on the horizon as this new moon helps to push you to where you want to go and how you want to leave a mark on this world. The new moon could bring about a shift in your career (likely one you’ve been seeking). You’ve been letting go of a version of yourself that you previously were, and now desires for new goals and achievements are popping up. Pay attention to the people in your life who encourage you to leap toward something closer to who you are and what you stand for. You are ruled by Venus, which sits closer to the Cancer new moon, giving you a supportive boost of fresh ideas concerning how you want to create a beautiful life for yourself.


As the new moon approaches, you might find that you are itching to get out of your routine and step into a new adventure. The new moon invites a host of fresh ways to look at the world—and the role you play in it. Learning something new about how other people and cultures view the family unit might uncover ways to better integrate that support system into your life. Let this new moon remind you that sometimes sameness can build excessive comforts, and pivoting is necessary. When we evolve, so do our needs and wants.


Sagittarius, it is time to put the pedal to the metal and empower yourself when it comes to transforming your experiences. You might find it beneficial to explore issues surrounding intimacy—are you letting yourself be supported as much as you can? Perhaps you have set too many boundaries to miss out on some TLC. Your natural independence can feel contradictory to the vibes of this new moon, but it is still a necessary lesson to explore. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is helping you to see the other side of the coin, so use this as an opportunity to explore a slower approach to life that allows you to be seen and heard in a way that keeps you growing healthier bonds with yourself and others.


As you let go of ideas of yourself that held you back last full moon, this new moon allows you to connect and introduce yourself through new relationships. Shedding your skin and emerging with a fresh perspective can be difficult for a Saturn-ruled individual like yourself, who prefers tried-and-true practical action. The new moon wants you to be supported in ways that you might not usually let yourself be. You hold the world’s weight on your shoulders sometimes, but don’t let your sense of duty and responsibility prevent you from asking for help. The new moon has so much potential to bring you new friends, business partners, or lovers to help you get to where you want to be.


The self-care route takes center stage with this new moon for you, Aquarius. The time comes for you to take action that helps you create more robust and intentional routines—remember to keep your well-being at the center of those actions. As an air sign, you are sometimes scattered, with a buzzy energy that keeps you moving and shaking. Make sure that, amid all the buzzy energy, you look at what you need for a healthier and more holistic approach to life. At the core of every day, you should ensure that you are doing something that lets you relieve your stress and highlight what you need. It might be boring, but sitting still might be the best thing for you right now.


The new moon will bring more of what you love the most into your life. The Cancer new moon makes a shift where you can prioritize your happiness—which can sometimes be difficult with your naturally supportive nature. Neptune and Jupiter rule you, so lean into the dreamy optimism that tells you everything will be okay. You will find it beneficial to reconnect with the creative hobbies that let you get lost in your own fantasy world. These moments are meant to bring you back to your center and feel joy, so use the new moon as a time to establish new pathways to these love-filled activities.

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