Just When You Thought Trump's Abortion Answers Couldn't Get Worse

It’s become increasingly obvious that Donald Trump wants to stop being questioned on abortion. During a recent interview on local Fox 2 Detroit, when asked about his flip-flopping positions over the years on abortion, Trump generated a word-salad answer, revealing his desperation to change the subject.

Trump started with his standard “everything is great” response, citing states’ right to choose what rights women do or do not have. Then he said that the “abortion issue should be largely taken off the table.” 

Clearly aware that the draconian abortion bans in states like Arizona and the attack on in vitro fertilization in Alabama are political losers, Trump made an incoherent attempt at gaslighting everyone into believing that down is up and pigs can fly, saying the GOP is “like the party of fertilization because we are for the women.”

By this logic, the Republican Party is also “like” the party of rape and incest. But Trump was not done in his efforts to finesse the Alabama Supreme Court IVF fiasco.

“We want to help the women, because they were going to end fertilization, which is where, when the, the IVF, where women go to their clinics and they get help and having a baby, and that’s a good thing, not a bad thing. And we’re for it 100%,” he said. “They tried to say that they weren’t for it. They actually weren’t for it and aren’t for it as much as us.”

Who “they” are here seems to be pro-choice advocates, which would be a false statement. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Trump statement without incoherence and blatant lies.

Republished with permission from Daily Kos.

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