Ken Buck May Have Just Stopped DHS Impeachment Stunt

Retiring Colorado congressman Ken Buck is an odd duck in that, despite his basic sympathy with GOP policies, he does occasionally have his own standards. And this time, that just may blow up the absurd House plans to impeach Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Via HuffPost:

Republicans are planning an impeachment vote against Mayorkas next week over his alleged deliberate refusal to detain and deport migrants arriving at the southern U.S. border.

Buck said the border chaos doesn’t amount to a high crime or misdemeanor on Mayorkas’ part and that he’s a “solid” no on impeaching him.

“It’s maladministration. He’s terrible, the border is a disaster, but that’s not impeachable,” Buck told reporters outside the House chamber.

Buck’s opposition will make it more difficult for Republicans to push the articles of impeachment through the House. Depending on how many lawmakers might be absent ― two Republicans are currently out for health issues ― it’s theoretically possible that Buck himself could tank the impeachment effort.

As House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) put it on Tuesday, “We have only a tiny, as you know, razor thin, actually a one-vote majority right now in the House.”

Well! It looks like they might not pull this off this dog and pony show. Oh darn!

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