Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Getting a Salmon Sperm Facial

Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Getting a Salmon Sperm Facial

Kim Kardashian.
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Kim Kardashian will go to great lengths to maintain glowing skin — even if it means indulging in wacky beauty treatments.

During the Thursday, July 11, episode of The Kardashians, Kim, 43, shared that she had a salmon sperm facial ahead of shooting the desert-themed promo for season 5 of her family’s Hulu show.

The shocking revelation came during a confessional when Kim and her sisters were individually asked, “Who of your family would survive out in the wilderness? Which of you could get out?”

Kim and Kylie Jenner were quick to bet on Khloé Kardashian easily escaping the wilderness. “Khloé would for sure kill it,” Kim said, as Kylie, 26, agreed. “She’s like a beast,” Kylie quipped. “She would be the type to hunt and gather.”

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When asked if Kim would see herself making it out alive, she was a bit unsure. “I don’t think I have good survival skills,” she admitted. The camera then cut to Kim stumbling across the set in her heels and telling her mom, Kris Jenner, about her latest facial.

“I got salmon sperm facial,” she said on set. “With salmon sperm injected into my face.” (Salmon sperm facials rejuvenate and hydrate the skin while creating a glowy complexion. Results can last up to six months. The average salmon sperm facial costs $500.)

Back in her confessional, Kim joked about Kris, 68, attempting to survive in the wilderness. “Kris Jenner is least likely to get out,” she said.

Kylie and Khloé, 40, had the same thoughts. “My mom’s not gonna last,” Khloé joked, as Kylie added, “I think my mom would crumble.”

For their promo clips, Kim looked fabulous in a nude pleated dress complete with a high-neck and flowy skirt. She teamed the frock with lace-up heels and long nude nails.

Kim’s makeup featured filled-in eyebrows, extra-long eyelashes, bronzy eyeshadow and lined lips.

The rest of the family matched in similar desert-inspired looks. Khloé, for her part, rocked a wrinkled gown that hugged her curves. Kylie, meanwhile, slayed in a hooded nude dress as Kourtney Kardashian sported a knit off-the-shoulder design. Kris beamed in a silky dress complete with a thigh-high slit.

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