Kristi Noem Loses Her Temper On Fox Business

Embattled South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem lost her temper and, pardon the reference, barked at Fox Business’ Stuart Varney this morning. This after he refused to bury the uproar her new book created, with her admission she murdered her dog.

Noem must have believed Varney and Co. would be a safe harbor for the outrage she’s caused, but she was mistaken. Instead of a softball interview, this happened. As the interview progressed, she became more belligerent.

(I put together three different clips of the interview in the above video)

Varney: If you were writing the book today, would you include the dog story?

You know, this is a wonderful book. Did you read the book?

Varney: Not yet.

Gov. Noem: Oh, you should. The first chapter?

Varney: The question stands. If you were writing it today, would you include the dog story?

Gov. Noem: I’m proud of this book. If you read the first chapter,

You would?

After several minutes of Noem bragging about South Dakota’s economy, Varney came back to her dog. It became more contentious for the governor.

Varney: Your political judgement…

Gov. Noem: I know that a lot of people are using attacks and trying to take me down because they’re scared of me. Listen, I’ve run 12 campaigns, and all I’ve done is won.

Varney: I’ve not heard anybody support you on shooting the dog.

Gov. Noem: I’m honest. Well, I’ve heard a lot of people. I’ve heard a lot of people that say, listen, this was 20 years ago.

Varney: We’re consumed with emails. We’ve…

Gov. Noem: 50 states have a law on the books. Oh my goodness.

Varney: We’ve been consumed with emails saying, I won’t vote for this person. I won’t vote for Trump if he puts her in the vice presidential spot.

Gov. Noem: Well, I’ll tell you, Stuart, I’m sorry you’re not hearing from real Americans that live on farms and ranches in Dakota.

Ouch. Fox News claims all their wingnut propaganda interviews are real Americans and now Gov. Noem is Claiming Fox News isn’t hearing from real Americans. This is delicious.

Varney then asked about her VP chances.

Gov. Noem: And I spoke, yes, I do speak to him.

Varney: May I ask what he said to you about being vice president?

Gov. Noem: Yes, no, I never tell anybody my personal conversations with President Trump.

Varney: Did the dog story come up in a conversation with Trump?

Gov. Noem: I talk to President Trump all the time.

Varney: About the dog?

Gov. Noem: About a lot of things. And right now, I tell you what, he is being persecuted in a political hunt, witch hunt, in this court case. So I’m proud of him about how tough he is and how well he is doing.

Varney: Did you bring up the dog?

Gov. Noem: Yes, enough, Stewart. This interview is ridiculous what you were doing right now. So you need to stop. It is.

Varney: Okay.

Gov. Noem: It is. Let’s talk about some real topics that Americans care about.

Varney: I’m afraid we’re out of time.

Gov. Noem: Oh, well, of course we are.

Varney: But we do thank you for being with us. I know I press hard, but that’s what people are talking about to this day.

I was kind of surprised Varney was as determined to get answers about Noem killing her dog throughout the entire interview. Real Americans are horrified with what she did no matter how coached she has become trying to claim the dog was a threat to her children.

Gov. Noem should stay off the airwaves for a while and let this calm down but like all MAGA cult members they simply can’t

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